Monday, February 1, 2010

Walking and A Theme Song (01/23/10)

Yesterday I felt super tired and started having a sore throat, so I didn't work out. It could have been allergy related. This morning I felt better after I ate and decided I was up to at least trying to do a walk. I'm glad I did. It felt good and that feeling that I am coming down with a cold is almost completely gone. The walk wasn't difficult and I really enjoyed it.

I took my iPod with me this time and had an interesting thing happen. About half way through my walk, I decided to put on some swing music. As some of you may know, I am big into Lindy Hop (swing dancing) and have been for a long time. For me, swing music is very motivating. I choose my favorite modern swing band, The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra. The very first song on the album I chose, was by coincidence, titled "Struttin' With Kate". Bill wrote it for his daughter, Kate. As I saw the title of the song, it made me smile. Here I am walking for my mom, Kate, and I think I just found my theme song for this journey. So for my mom, for all of the people I am walking for, for all my swing dance friends, here is a youtube clip of a "swing jam" circle set to "Struttin' With Kate".

Fundraising: $15.00, Total: $1,865.00
Training: 3.4 miles in 1 hour 13 min
Total miles to date: 18.6

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