Monday, February 1, 2010

My first Day of Fundraising (01/12/10)

Today was an amazing day! With the encouragement of some friends and my husband, I committed to doing the 3-day walk two days ago. Today, I finally finished putting my fundraising page together, and first thing this morning I posted the link to Facebook. I am beyond astounded at the response I've gotten in just a single day. Words cannot describe how amazing it is to be almost 30% of the way to my goal so quickly. I am humbled and awed that my family and friends are rallying together and supporting this amazing journey.

When I signed up, I really did worry that the fundraising part of it would be really difficult and that I might not actually get to do the walk if I couldn't raise the required $2,300. The next 70% will probably be harder than this first day, but boy, do I feel good about my chances of reaching and perhaps exceeding my goal.

As for my workout today, I did an hour in my tap class tonight. I love that dance can be part of my working towards this goal. Tomorrow I'm hoping to start with an easy walk around my neighborhood.

I am amazed and touched and have been moved to tears several times today. What an incredible journey this already is and this is just the first day!!! I may have recruited one of my girlfriends to walk with me as well. Thank you, so much everyone for kicking this off with a bang!

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