Monday, February 1, 2010

New Shoes and Lots of Rain (01/18/10)

My husband let me know that I could get any shoes I wanted, regardless of cost. Instead of coming home with expensive Italian pumps or a new pair of dance shoes, I've got a mid-range (cost-wise) pair of running/walking shoes. I had never given much thought to my athletic shoes before this, but these seem like they will make a big difference in my comfort level during my walks and workouts. I'm excited to do my first walk in them tomorrow.

I did an easy paced 1/2 hour on the elliptical today. It's been pouring rain all day and this is supposed to last until Friday or so. I may take my training to the mall this week, as I can't see how I can get a walk in with my daughter with me in the pouring rain.

Fundraising: $25.00 for a total of $1,750.00
Training: 0.7 miles in 1/2 hour on the ellpitical
Total miles to date: 10.9

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