Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Probably Nothing

I had my annual mammogram last Friday.  Yesterday, less than a week since it was done, I got the call that sends fear into most every woman's heart.  They want me to come back in for a second set of films on one side and probably a follow-up ultrasound.  I know that this happens all the time.  I know that many women are called in for additional screening that turns out to be nothing to worry about.  But this is kind of like making it to the second round in a contest you don't want to win.  You didn't want to even be a contender.  You wanted to wait two weeks and get that letter that tells you that everything is "normal".  I have had mammograms at this facility before, so they have to be seeing something that's changed from my last one.

My mother has a history of cystic breasts.  Almost every time she had a mammogram, they did a follow-up ultrasound for her.  I'm probably just finally at an age where that is starting to happen to me.  But I have to wait, not knowing, and that is no fun.  Let's talk about the waiting thing for a minute.  I don't get why they don't have an express lane for people with unusual mammograms.  I'd pay extra to have had it done yesterday.  The first appointment they had was not for TWO WEEKS.  Yes, you read that right, two weeks!  Luckily, I know enough to schedule that appointment and then ask them to be put on the cancellation list.  If someone cancels their appointment, they call and get you in earlier.  What I was impressed about was that they called back within a couple hours, and instead of two weeks, I now only have to wait until Monday.  That's still four days from the time I got the notification that I need to go back in.  Four long days.

My mom will go with me on Monday and most likely I'll come back and report that all is fine, and I'm trying not to think about it otherwise.

(11/3/11) Training: 7.1 miles in 2 hours 31 minutes
Total miles this year: 197.2

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