Saturday, October 22, 2011

Random Things I Keep Thinking About on Training Walks

If I had time, I might take some of these topics and create a separate blog post.  Instead, here's several random thoughts that continue to go through my head as I'm out on training walks.  Welcome to my rather schizophrenic mind.

1) October is breast cancer awareness month. Don't forget to do you self-exam and if you're due for it, schedule that mammogram!  Wear Pink! (Um... Margie, you need to get yours scheduled.  You're overdue.)

2) Based on the training I've been able to get in, my goal is to walk a minimum of 10 miles per day on the 3-Day.  The fact I did 11.1 miles today (and could have kept going had it not been blazingly HOT), makes me think that I may be able to do more than that!

3) When walking, you actually should consciously alternate between using your right and left feet to step up on curbs.  Last year on the walk, I noticed one knee was starting to hurt.  When I realized it was on the leg that I had continuously used to step up on curbs, I started using the other one and that pain stopped.

4) I need to go over my packing list and figure out what I still may need to get to be ready to pack next month.  Don't forget that there is a one-bag, 35lb limit on what you bring with you to camp!

5) I got my first donation for my 2012 3-Day Walk AND it is from someone who's company does a 100% matching gift.  I've already raised $400.00 for 2012!!!!  If you have donated to my walk, make sure you've checked to see if your company does matching gifts!  More information on matching gifts can be found at:

6) It's not to late to send me mail that I will receive in camp.  Send letters (no packages) to:
       3-Day for the Cure
       P.O. Box 722485
       San Diego, CA 92172
Must be postmarked by November 8th.
If you really want to be cool, send one to my teammate as well: Same address, ATTN: NANCY SPRINGER

7) Don't forget earplugs if you're packing to stay in camp.  People snore (I do!) and there's lots of noise.  Also, at night, be sure to ease the door of the port-o-potty closed.  No one appreciates it when it slams and wakes them up.

That's all I can think of for now!  Keep that training going!
(10/22/11) Training: 11.1 miles in 4 hours 7 minutes
Total miles this year: 190.1
(10/21/11) Training: 4.3 miles in 1 hour 29 minutes
Total miles this year: 179.0
(10/17/11) Fundraising: $40, Total $2,570
(10/16/11) Training: 6.7 miles in 2 hours 25 minutes
Total miles this year: 174.7

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