Tuesday, July 27, 2010

18 & 17 Weeks Out

I'm still trying to figure out how to find the fire I had.  Perhaps it will come back as I walk more regularly again.  I need to work to find it again.  I need to get back in the habit of walking regularly.  I think this is my "57th mile" of my training journey.  I need to dig deep and reconnect with my inspiration for doing this in the first place.  I need to focus on the people I am walking for.  I need to focus on what my doing this walk is about for me.  I need to believe that I can get beyond my injury and actually do this walk.

More miles.  A little work towards this every day.  I'm thinking of what my mom faced when she was diagnosed and what she has dealt with since.  I'm thinking of other friends who have faced and beaten cancer. I'm thinking of those who were not so lucky and did not beat their cancer or who are currently losing thier battles.  Hope is why I'm doing this.  I have hope that we can save more lives and spare more families from feeling the fear of the unknown, and heartache of loss. 

I had a great 3 mile walk last Friday.  No pain, and it felt so good to be walking.  I'm hoping to start on the 16 week training schedule this upcoming week!

Training: 3 miles in 58 minutes on treadmill
Total miles to date: 229.4

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