Saturday, April 17, 2010

What a Great Way to Wake up!

I have to say, seeing an email in my in-box that says "A donation was made on your behalf" makes me feel like I just won the lottery.  I'm like a kid at Christmas with those emails.  I can't wait to see who it's from!

I got two of those today!  I woke up to one sitting in my in-box and a second one was waiting for me after a long and wonderful day at my nephew's birthday party.  What an amazing group of friends and relatives I have.  It's a wonderful thing to wake up to another person who believes that there is hope to end cancer.  Another person who believes that there is a way to make that happen.  Another person who can "Imagine life without breast cancer."   I have a silicone bracelet that I wear with that saying on it.  I imagine it, then I get out and walk another 4 miles.  I think about more fundraising I can do and make another step towards making that fundraising happen.  I talk to another person about my walk.  I send out an update about my progress.  I ask my friends and family to pass my links on to their friends and family.  I raise the funds, so the researchers and doctors can work on finding that world we are imagining.  Imagining it is the start, but the hard work that comes after that is what is going to make it a reality some day.

I like waking up as part of a world that can imagine itself better.  I like even more being part of the hard work to make it actually happen.

Fundraising: $115 Total: $2,850.00
Training: 4.1 miles in 1 hour 26 minutes
Total miles to date: 180.9

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